Marvel Now Initiative Revamps Superhero Ensemble, Boon to Online Slots Players

Marvel Comics is rolling out a series of updates to its legendary cast of characters as part of its so-called “Marvel Now” initiative. Though many of the comic superheroes first debuted between 50–60
years ago, their stories and adventures still resonate strongly with fans well into the 21st century. Thisis of course in great part due to the recent wave of sensational Hollywood blockbuster films portraying the action heroes on the big screen. Also contributing to the recent success of the Marvel brand are a number of state-of-the-art themed slot games, such as the thrilling Fantastic Four slots.

Character Transformation Over the Years

Many newer fans of the genre might be surprised to learn that the looks and adventures of their favorite superheroes were very different back when each one was conceived.

For instance, we’re all quite familiar with the Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Iron Man as a slick, cynical billionaire with a new-age super suit. Back when Iron Man debuted in 1963, however, he wore a clunky suit and fought against U.S. enemies in Vietnam.

By the same token, the Incredible Hulk was originally thought up as a new incarnation of Frankenstein. Of course, he’s gained millions of fans as a giant green strongman as well as his brilliant, kind Bruce
Banner alter ego. In his latest comic escapades, Banner is slated to be joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

Captain America, Thor, and the Fantastic Four have also all undergone a number of storyline changes, both as far as their looks (the Fantastic Four used to not even wear uniforms!) as well as their foes.

Online Slots Buzz

The excitement of interacting with fan favorite Marvel superheroes isn’t lost on online slot game players or on industry-leading software developer Playtech. To that end, they’ve come out with a number of Marvel-themed games, each of which offers players the opportunity to win six-figure sums in the form of progressive jackpots. To illustrate the success of this initiative, Titan Casino proudly offers Iron Man 2 slots and has found them to be among the most popular of their 350+ games, which also include other
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