DC comics have been around for a long time, and there have been hundreds of villians that have come and gone. Here are my favorites.

#5 Lex Luther -
Lex Luthor has no super human powers himself. However, Luthor is a genius and financial wizard. He is one of the most powerful men on the planet and has access to all the technology developed by his company Lex-Corp and the wealth to buy anything he desires.

#4 Sinestro - This is actually more than one villian. They all look the same and are all part of what is called the Sinestro Corps. They use yellow rings that are similar to the one used by the Green Lantern. The powerful yellow power rings were built on a planet named Qward. They use the weilders thoughts to create opjects out o thin air. The yellow rings differ than Green Lantern's green ring in that they are fueled by fear rather than willpower. They also have no known weaknesses, unlike Green Lantern ring which had a vulnerability to yellow. The yellow power rings are not restricted from killing intelligent life as the Green Lantern's power rings were.

#3 Despero - Despero gained enhanced strength and endurance after bathing in the flame of Py’tar.
Mental Powers: Despero’s mutant third eye gives him vast mental powers that include : Hypnosis, Illusion casting, Telepathy and Telekinesis.

#2 Deathstroke - Deathstroke is a highly trained mercenary and is an expert marksman and martial artist. His strength, agility and endurance have all been enhanced to superhuman levels.His senses have all been enhanced by the experimental treatment he received.And, he has a personal healing factor that allows him to recover his health much faster than normal. As a result of his healing factor he doesn’t age at the normal rate. He uses an assortment of weapons, and is usually equipped with two .44 Magnums, a long barrel Colt .45, an energy sword and a power staff. He also has Nightvision lenses and various climbing and surveillance gear.

#1 Doomsday - Doomsday is probably the strongest being on the planet. He has defeated Superman and even Darkseid. His endurance and durability are also enhanced way beyond most superhuman levels. He can easily survive the rigours of space. He is almost invulnerable to damage from physical and energy attacks. He is constantly evolving past his opponents in order to beat them. This has included closing of his auditory canals, poison and retractable claws. His body has no internal organs or tissues and when damaged he heals almost immediately. He has even returned to life. He also has bony protrusions coming from his body. The bones have cut even Superman and Doomsday has even been able to fire the bones outward and retract them. He also seems to be able to administer a poison through his claws. Doomsday’s highly developed leg muscles allow him to leap miles with a single bound.