#5 - Venom
While SPIDER-MAN was on the BEYONDER’S “Battleworld,” he acquired a black costume, which turned out to be an alien being that bonded itself to him. Spider-Man rejected this alien symbiote, which then latched onto an ex-Daily Globe columnist Eddie Brock. He had wrecked his career by identifying the wrong man as a murderer known as the Sin-Eater – an error revealed by Spider-Man.

#4 - Galactus
As the only survivor of the universe that came before the universe today, Galactus’s fate is said to be inextricably bound with the entire cosmos. While he has occasionally be a force for good, he has far more often he has brought doom upon entire races and civilizations by consuming entire planets. His insatiable hunger for energy is the force that compels him to exist.

#3 - Loki
Loki was born the son of Laufey, king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. Ashamed of Loki’s small size, Laufey hid him away, but the child’s existence came to light after the Frost Giants were defeated in a battle with the Asgardians. Odin, the ruler of Asgard, discovered Loki in the Frost Giants’ fortress. Realizing that Loki was the son of Laufrey, a king who he had slain, Odin took the boy back to Asgard and raised him as his own son.

#2 - Kingpin
Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, is the most formidable figure in organized crime, and a perennial enemy of the Super Heroes SPIDER-MAN, the PUNISHER, and, most frequently, DAREDEVIL. The Kingpin’s operations are global and the assassins that have done his dirty work are legion, including such names as BULLSEYE, ELEKTRA, and TYPHOID MARY.

#1 - Doctor Doom
His real name was Victor Von Doom, and he was born in Eastern Europe in a small kingdom named Latveria. His mother was killed when he was still just a baby. His gypsy healer father was killed by the baron after he failed to save the baron's son from illness. Victor swore to avenge his parents death by taking it out on the rest of the world.